How easily are you found online?

  • Get more traffic, clicks, views and purchases
  • Custom SEO campaigns tailored for your business
  • Expand your visibility in the worldwide marketplace
  • Keyword and market analysis


Over 100 billion searches are made online every month, including many here locally in Fort Lauderdale. You already know how important SEO is for your business. Getting to the first page in search results is essential and attainable with our solution.


The building blocks of any successful SEO campaign

Organic Search

We integrate your website and unique content into the most popular search engines to make sure your web presence has the most visibility. Keyword research and target market analysis are essential here.

  • Keyword Research
  • Unique Content
  • Search Engine Submission

On-site SEO

We will make your site easily accessible to the search engines and integrate keywords and descriptions into the most import aspects of a page. This all helps demonstrate authority and increase rankings.

  • Meta Descriptions
  • Keyword Density Analysis
  • Sitemaps
  • Headings

Link Building

One of the most essential parts of a successful SEO strategy is to build an external link profile. Links from other websites are a vote of confidence for the search engines. Appropriate keywords and a balance of referrers are key.

  • Link building
  • Referrals
  • Anchor text
  • PageRank

Why do I need Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is fundamental to success for your business online. Our SEO strategies will earn your site a higher ranking in search results. We’ll provide a full SEO keyword rankings report, a link building profile report and indexed page information. Our customer focused team will improve your traffic flow and increase sales for your web-based operations.

SEO is the lifeline of online marketing. We offer our valued clients a high quality and affordable package. Leave the rest up to us as our experts are trained on the latest guidelines from all major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

How important is the first page?

The first results returned from a search engine’s organic search are extremely valuable spots. Here is the breakdown of the outgoing traffic:

The first page overall accounts for 92% of the outgoing traffic!

  • The first organic search result gets approximately 32.5% of the outgoing traffic
  • The second organic search result gets approximately 17.6% of the outgoing traffic
  • The third organic search result gets approximately 11.4% of the outgoing traffic

What are backlinks?

Think of them as search engine ranking votes.

A backlink is a link from another site pointing towards your site. This is also known as an inbound link. Google and other search engines look at the number of backlinks as an indicator of the quality and authority of your website.

Some backlinks are worth more than others. An inbound link from a high quality, and authoritative website will help give your website more credit – and a better ranking. We grow the number of backlinks to your site with high quality and relevant websites.

Gordo Web Design is a full service web design and SEO firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Call us today to get you on top of the search results - and more customers.

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