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How to Tips: Optimizing Videos as an SEO Factor - pexels terje sollie 320617
Many people mix video SEO with standard SEO and think it’s the same, but that’s not true. This particular medium has taken a swift shift in the last few years and has become a crucial part of internet marketing today. According to studies, 62 percent of overall searches on Google end up in a video
Local Business SEO Tips and Tactics - phone search
The importance of SEO for online marketing can’t be overstated. The internet provides an unprecedented level of connection between businesses and their target demographics. When you want to advertise your business, getting to the front page of Google’s search results is always going to be a priority. It’s one of the more effective ways to
Helpful Tips For Implementing WordPress SEO & Blogging - Helpful Tips For Implementing WordPress SEO Blogging 1170x658
WordPress is a popular content management system and arguably one of the best in helping achieve SEO strategies. When it comes to boosting website performance, there are many tools used by leading SEO companies and WordPress is definitely one of them. To improve your rankings, you need to use a combination of tools to capture